Sounds of Animals Fighting Complete any definite day of a heist killing by least 50 enemies using only your melee weapon.

Payday Stealth Pre -27755

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But you need help with any of my mods, please contact me by reddit, Steam, or email. Without your awesome mods, I would have quitted this game a long time ago! Tough Act to Follow Kill 3 enemies with one bullet using a few Sniper rifle. For whatever reason, the number pad's Enter key currently does nothing in the game. Mod nerfs pistols to more reasonable numbers, although still not making "pea-shooters" out of them.

Payday Stealth -71464

PAYDAY 2 - Golden Grin Casino + (Custom Heist/ 350 Bags)

Abuse "shout" key to call and "stop ai" key to send to your waypoint or stop. I welcome feedback! There Was a Car?! Main features - a reworked algorithm for elongate paths involving the traversal of a number of navigation segments - a path extender to prevent pauses when changing of navigation segment - a path streamliner to reduce silly detours - improved congestion handling around navlinks ladders, jumps, climbing, I have started from abandon with the intention of making a waste of time weapons, mods and skills viable. All the rage VTC: Reloaded a lot of newer strings have been changed, as able-bodied as a lot of older ones that were either unchanged or changed to something stupid. The guard died too quickly to call in reinforcements. Should work just fine for you. This mod is unlikely to be in breach of your save but better safe than sorry now, huh?

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